Oregon transgender laws

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Please verify all services available when you contact any listing below, as some changes may have occurred since listing. Outside In Offers transgender-specific resources for name and gender change on identity documents www. Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center SMYRC Provides a safe, supervised, harassment-free space for sexual and gender minority youth ages 13 to 23 who participate in positive activities newavenues.

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Oregon has become the first state in the US to allow a third gender option on licenses and identification cards, a major civil rights victory for non-binary people who identify as neither male nor female. It is a diverse group that can also include transgender people, whose gender identities are different than the ones assigned to them at birth, and intersex peoplewhose reproductive or sexual anatomies are not typically male or female. The DMV in Oregon considered the shift in policy after Jamie Shupe, a non-binary resident, successfully petitioned a judge to recognize them as neither male nor female in an historic decision last year.

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Kate Brown has signed a bill that will make it easier for transgender people in Oregon to shield any updates they make to their birth certificates, a process typically conducted through the court system without privacy from public view. The measure, which takes effect next year, makes Oregon the second state after California to adopt laws specifically designed to help mitigate potential discrimination against transgender individuals from employers, landlords or anyone else who is otherwise able to dig up birth-record changes through public record. It also allows court cases involving gender identity changes on birth records to be sealed.

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Oregon Health Sciences Univ. All government employees are protected by the U. Constitution against irrational discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. In addition, some measure of protection already exists under Title VII based on gender, which has been held to include gender identity and expression.

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This topic will briefly discuss employment, housing and public accommodation discrimination, other discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, or the impact of sexual orientation for criminal charges based on sexual activity. Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity It is unlawful in the state of Oregon for an employer to discriminate against you because of your sexual orientation if you are 18 years of age or older. The law applies to almost every Oregon employer, regardless of how many employees or how long the employee who is experiencing discrimination has worked for the employer.

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Rob Nosse, who is gay, said on the House floor that the state's anti-LGBTQ laws date back to the s when Oregon was a territory, and helped put some people into mental hospitals and the state penitentiary for expressing their love or true gender. The laws were enforced until the s, Nosse said. The measure modernizes language referring to transgender people, deleting "transsexualism" and "transvestism" from Oregon's employment anti-discrimination law.

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Last July, a federal judge dismissed a case that would have prohibited students in Dallas, Ore. Now the groups that filed complaints—"Parents for Privacy" and "Parents Rights in Education"—want an appeal of the judge's decision, sparking another battle with statewide LGBTQ advocacy groups. The two groups pushing for an appeal first filed a complaint in against the school district and state and federal policies that ban discrimination of transgender students. Grey adds that allowing students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity is akin to "undertaking a grand experiment.

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Click below to become a member of MAP. Laws that explicitly mention sexual orientation primarily protect or harm lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. That said, transgender people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual can be affected by laws that explicitly mention sexual orientation.

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Same-sex sexual activity is legal in Oregon. Same-sex marriage has been legal in the state since Maywhen a federal judge declared the state's constitutional ban on such marriages unconstitutional. Previously, same-sex couples could only access domestic partnerships, which guaranteed most of the rights of marriage. Additionally, same-sex couples are allowed to jointly adopt.