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If you're planning on getting pregnant or planning on not getting pregnant, you need to know this. When talking about pregnancy and what really are the chances, there's a load of things you need to consider. First of all you need to know when you're fertile.

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A lot of numbers are thrown out there about the lifespan of sperm but here's the scoop: sperm can live as little as a couple of hours or as long as five days after sex. Once inside the vagina, the lifespan of the sperm depends on the woman's vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes. Without fertile cervical fluid, sperm won't survive longer than a few hours inside the vagina or uterus if they make it that far.

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Semen has million sperms. After ovulation, a sperm is needed to go into the fallopian tube, which leads to the beginning of a new life. Listening to this seems like it is easy to conceive.

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Did you know that sperm can live inside the female body for 5 days waiting to pounce on an egg once it has been released? If she's during her fertile window, then those sperm that enter the vagina will quickly pass through the cervix into the womb and then move on into the fallopian tubes. We're not sure what that signal is though.

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Some die within minutes, and some can live anywhere up to seven days, under perfect conditions. But most live about two or three days inside the female reproductive system, according to USC Fertility. You need just one sperm to make it to the right place — the correct fallopian tube — at the correct time — after ovulation — to create a new life.

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Hey Summer! This is an incredible feat compared to the brief lifespan of a mere few hours when there is no cervical fluid present. This is why tracking cervical fluid is crucial to understanding your fertility.

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Answer : For those new to trying-to-conceive or those getting pregnant for the first time, when you think of sperm health you think of sperm countor the actual number of little fellows in each ejaculate. While sperm count is indeed important, there are other equally central aspects of male fertility. These include healthy sperm motility and variables like morphology correct shape and physiological structure. Sperm count is defined as the actual number of sperm in a given sample, and according to the World Health Organization, typical counts should be around 40 million in a given semen sample during a semenanalysis.


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