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The cyclists in the Tour de France ride over kilometers almost every day, climb massive mountains, descend at warp speed down twisty pavement, and finish it all off with a furious sprint. In the Tour and many other big races, the race leader in this case, the guy wearing the yellow jersey is king. If he has to go, he can call a bathroom break whenever he desires, says Stephen Hall, a professional track and criterium cyclist and a stage winner at the Tour of Thailand.

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Is your dog making the inside of your house a maze of wet spots and pungent smells? Sometimes even a longtime house-trained dog can regress and begin routinely relieving themselves inside your home, wrecking your carpets and your peace of mind. Experts have identified several triggers for this behavior and also have recommendations for correcting dogs peeing in the house.

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Bringing home a new dog is tons of fun! But those first few weeks can be quite the hassle. Both you and your pup have to get used to life with each other.

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Vinny B. Last year he was en route to a friend's house in Brooklyn and just couldn't hold it anymore. With no proper privy in reach, he did what many New Yorkers do: hid himself behind a dumpster and hoped for the best.

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It's a natural fact that every mammal has to pee. Eating, you can hold off for a few days, pooping is optional for a while anywaybut peeing is right up there with breathing on the list of things you just gotta do each and every day. So when something happens to stem the flow of pee, trouble ensues - and fast.

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You're in that place between dreams and reality. You hear the sound of a babbling stream as you drift off. But wait!

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When your bladder interrupts your life by making you pee all the time, it can feel like a special kind of betrayal. Spending all that time on the toilet is frustrating, and it might also raise some red flags about your health. Your water needs are pretty individualso you might need more or less than others depending on your size, body type, and activity level.

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Having to go all the time can be really annoying. You could also try these 10 home remedies for a UTI. Frequent urination, with an abnormally large amount of urine, is often an early symptom of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as the body tries to rid itself of unused glucose through the urine.

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You're about an hour and a half into the movie and, boy, are you regretting that large soda. You can hold it Peeing is pretty important.

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Forgot password? We moderate all questions to prevent duplicates, offensive grammar, and laziness. Hey I'm a girl, and I can go a day without peeing.


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