Platy stays at bottom of tank

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So before my platy had turned out to be pregnant and she never had any babies and is now like just hiding under the rock and decor and never comes up to eat. She is starting to worry me. I took a couple pictures of her in a smaller container and put her right back into her tank and she went right back under the rock.

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This is a question comes up quite often, especially from beginners. The reasons behind guppy fish laying at the bottom of the tank can range from aquarium issues to pregnancy. So, why do guppy fish sit at the bottom of the tank and what can you do about it?

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It is quite alarming if your platy is constantly staying at the bottom of the tank and refusing to eat. Why is your platy not eating and staying at the bottom of the tank? It might be that your platy is not happy with its environment.

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I bought a new fish for my Red Mickey Mouse fish because he seemed lonely. He is happier now but the new platy is always at the bottom. I bought a new heater and the temp.

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