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Ready for some truth? All vaginas smell. That's right: It's totally normal to have some kind of scent down there, and no matter what soap commercials tell you, it shouldn't be a light floral one.

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Despite all of the marketing that tells you otherwise, there is likely nothing wrong with your vaginal odor. And, no, that scent probably won't be a field of wildflowers. It's a vagina, not a perfume counter.

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Vaginas are supposed to smell. In the meantime, here are six common vaginal odors and what they might be trying to tell you. Garlic, onions, or another type of food.

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And, yep, those bacteria give your vag its signature scent. But uh, what does that typically smell like? Still, there are times when you catch a waft that smells a bit…off.

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Does it feel like someone punched you in your vagina? Anyways, for those sore days, any low-dosage pain reliever usually does the trick. Or, you can always wait it out.

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Good news: vaginas are supposed to smell! Your vagina has a unique mixture of bacteria the good kind that makes sure your vagina is as healthy as possible. In addition, your sweat glands become more active during puberty and begin to release new chemicals.

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Here's a fun fact: Vaginas are meant to smell like And while their natural scent might not be something you'd want in Diptyque candle form, it is what it is. That said, certain vaginal odors can indicate things like infections, especially if they come with a side of discharge that's a different color, consistency, or amount than what you're used to, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG. From totally basic to huge red flag, here's are the most common scents and what they mean.

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Vulva is the general name given to the external parts of the female genitals. All women have vaginal discharge or secretions which help to keep the vulva and vagina moist and remove bacteria and dead cells. If your vulva feels irritated, however, it is important to seek advice from your doctor as to what might be causing the irritation. There are many treatments available for vulva and vaginal irritation.


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