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In the wake of a deadly terrorist attack in London, our president decided the best thing to do was revive his personal feud with the mayor of London:. Trump realDonaldTrump June 4, Khan was obviously telling Londoners not to be alarmed about the increased police presence they would see today.

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Sweeney the aforementioned asshole. Long story short Sweeney is completely horrible to everyone—a true asshole— but for some reason he signed up to be an organ donor and in death, saved many lives. The story swept across the internet and managed to accomplish its original goal of getting more millennial men to become organ donors.

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The Martin Agency lives in the heart of downtown Richmond and they are known for their quirky ads with Geico and their Wonderfilled ad campaign with Oreo. This campaign also features a mural, painted by illustrator Duncan Robertson, which is painted on the side of The Broadberry. The next time you come and see a show with us, make sure to check it out! Click here to register as a organ donor today, it only takes about a minute.

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The video features actor Thomas Jane as the character Coleman F. According to Donate Life,men, women and children are awaiting organ donation in the US right now, yet one person can help save and heal more than 50 lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. Build your marketing knowledge by choosing from daily news bulletins or a weekly special.

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World Kindness Day is observed internationally on 13 November. And this campaign reminds us to be kind. It won 10 Lions at Cannes Lions

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It's hard to say why The world's biggest asshole is worth watching without spoilering it, but Coleman Sweeney is at least an entertaining asshole—until he isn't. Dem presidential hopeful Kamala Harris announced her cut of Medicare for All monday morning. Medicare for All will cover all medically necessary services, including emergency room visits, doctor visits, vision, dental, hearing aids, mental health, and substance use disorder treatment, and comprehensive reproductive health care services.

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: The World's Biggest Asshole —. In this dark comedy, a repressed agoraphobic's daughter meets a hardened pastor's daughter.

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Even the worst human being in life can turn hero in death when they become an organ donor. A nearly three-minute film introduces Coleman Sweeney, a man famous in his small town for "ignoring the rules of acceptable society. A voiceover from William Arnett reveals that after suddenly dying from an aneurism, his neighbors learn he actually did have a heart when they find out he was an organ donor.

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The findings, published in the most recent issue of Foreign Affairssupport recent speculation that America's unquestioned reign as the leading super-prick may soon be drawing to a close, leaving China as the foremost shithead among all developed nations. According to the report, China has slowly emerged as a massive fucker over the past half century, a period of egotistical growth unseen since America's booming douche years following World War II. Over that same time, China has seen a dramatic rise in both its GDP and Shithead Index, definite signs that the Asian nation is developing into a cocksucker of global proportions. China's ascension to supreme asshole status is occurring at a much faster pace than experts originally predicted.


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