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To submit your vote please sign in or sign upit is free and takes a few seconds. This is meant to be used when the belt has already broken. The following is my educated interpretation of what instructions I have found, and the caveat that I have never done the procedure.

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Shop www. Ford produces high-quality vehicles like the Escort, and they are frequently found on America's roadways. An Escort is regarded as a high-quality vehicle but over time even the best-designed vehicles will require replacement part maintenance and repair of broken parts.

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DavidH25 answered 6 years ago. Moneyman answered 6 years ago. Remove the tire on the right passenger side.

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I have a ford excort 1 on the idler pullys broke and I replaced it and put the timeing belt back on then the other idler pully broke so I replaced all three of the pullys and reset the timing then the belt brok ang twisted up but no pullys broke I think I set the timing wrong I got a few papers and and manuels from some mechanics and I got a mechanice how will do it for me but I want to give him all the information I can so we can get the timing ste right this time the valves and stuff are fine we checked that today so my question to you is is there any tricks or special things I can do to get it set right and could there be somthing else nocking the belt off and is there any thing you can send me by email to possibly help me. Do you. Get 1 piston to TDC top dead center set the timing marks.

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This is why it is referred to as the timing belt, and is subject to wear and tear over time, so it will need to be replaced. The timing belt is located inside of a protective housing on your engine and should be replaced at the specified interval. The majority of the cost is labor, because many parts need to be removed from the engine to gain access to the belt.

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Our mobile technicians offer services 7 days a week. Upfront and transparent pricing. Average rating from customers who received a Timing Belt Replacement.

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The Ford Escort timing belts are designed to require replacement approximately every 60, to 70, miles. If the belt breaks before being replaced, it can create timing problems and cause the engine to seize up. You can replace the timing belt in about 6 to 8 hours and keep the engine running properly while saving yourself the time and expense of having to take your vehicle into the shop to have the work done.

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Ford has used a variety of four cylinder engines over the years, ranging in displacement from 1. All of these engines are overhead cam engines, some with a single cam others with dual cams, and all have timing belts that need to be replaced at 60, miles up to or atmiles most and up. This is especially important on the interference engines to prevent expensive valve damage should the timing belt fail.

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These instructions are intended for individuals with beginner to novice automotive mechanical experience i. If you enjoy a sense of satisfaction from doing a job well done by yourself while saving a considerable amount of money, then this is the right "How To" for you. Please note these instructions do not apply for vehicles equipped with dual overhead cam head engines.

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Your six-year-old econobox is starting to show a bit of wear and tear, but everything mechanical still works fine. Until it doesn't. Specifically, the engine suddenly goes dead silent one fine day.


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