Pastured chickens with discoloration in breasts

ABA - American Bantam Association Abdomen - area between the keel and the pubic hip bones Abdominal capacity - the distance between the two public bones width and between the pubic bones and the tip of the keel depth Air cell - the air space between the two shell membranes, usually at the large end of the egg Albumen - the white of the egg Alektorophobia - the fear of chickens Allantois - a sac connected to the embryo's abdomen and involved in embryo respiration Amnion - a sac surrounding the embry filled with amniotic fluid which protects the developing embryo from shock and provides a medium for the develop embryo to exercise their muscles Anatomy - the structure systems of an animal skeletal, muscular, digestive, etc. Anthelmintic - medication given to treat a bird with internal paraistes Antibiotic - a chemical produced by a microorganism or fungi and used to destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms Antibody - a natural substance in the blood that recognizes and destroys foreign invaders and that causes an immune response to vaccination or infection Antigen - a foreign protein in the blood that differs from nautral body proteins and, as a result, stimulates the natural production of antibodies AOSB - any other standard breed APA - American Poultry Association Ascites - accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity As hatched - description of a group of chicks that have not been sorted Aves - a class of animals composed of birds Avian - pertaining to birds Aviary - a large enclosure for holding birds in confinement; Aviculture - the science of birds Axial feather - the short wing feather located between the primary and secondary flight feathers Go to top of page. Banding - putting a tag or band with identification on it to the wing or leg of a bird Bantam - a chicken breed that is one third to one half the size of a standard breed.

Our poultry flocks are never given any hormones or antibiotics, and they live on pesticide, insecticide and chemical free grassy pastures where they hunt, peck, scratch and eat grasses, wees, flowers, bugs grubs and anything else out there that peaks their fancy. They do that freely day and night protected by their very own Maremmas, which are their Livestock Guardian Dogs who protect them from predators. Our poultry never leave the farm; therefore they do not experience the stress of any transport for processing.

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They are well known for their tenderness and juiciness. They are also antibiotic and hormone free. Orders shipped via FedEx ground or express service will receive a FedEx tracking number after the order ships.

If you've ever gone to the store, butcher shop, market, or farm stand to buy chicken, you might have been intimidated by the offerings at least once or twice. It can be hard to decide what to buy, and from where. If you're in need of a little bit of chicken buying advice, read on as experts break it all down. Chicken is chicken is chicken, right?

Beautifully colored, dense meat with a hint of sweetness. Rich, bold, earthy flavors. This is the way chicken used to taste.

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Green muscle disease is also known as Oregon diseasebut it is more correctly referred to as deep pectoral myopathy DPM. This degenerative muscle disease affects the breast tenderloin minor pectoral muscle found deep within the breast. The breast muscles are responsible for the up and down strokes of the wings.

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During processingpoultry carcasses are often inspected for signs of disease or fecal contamination. In some cases, the presence of a disease or fecal contamination may result in a condemnation. When a carcass is condemned by USDA -FSIS, the carcass must be placed into a yellow trash receptacle and the meat must be denatured using a colored dye usually red so that humans will never consume the meat. The reasons for carcass condemnations vary greatly and differ from country to country.

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The Society is a c 3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the culinary arts. These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. By jaymerJuly 17, in Cooking.

Chlorinated chicken is bad; it is gross. Do you ever wonder why the chicken from the supermarket is smelly, slimy, and discolored? What is that liquid in the package, much of it absorbed into that plastic diaper between your meat and the styrofoam package? That is chlorine and fecal water, fecal soup.


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