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Sebaceous hyperplasia is a very common condition that causes small bumps on the skin. The bumps are most often skin-colored, but can also take on a white to slightly yellow tint. They range in size from 1 or 2 millimeters to several millimeters in size.

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Spots, lumps and bumps on the penis can cause embarrassment and, for a minority of men, health and sexual function issues. We ask two specialists how blemishes on the penis are treated, what is common and what is not, and why it is important to visit a GP or sexual clinic if in doubt. The news that men are extremely attached to their penises, literally and emotionally, will come as no surprise to either gender.

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Fordyce spots are normal large, superficial sebaceous oil-producing glands seen on the moist tissue that lines some organs and body cavities mucosal surfaces. The "spots" are asymptomatic and can be found on the head of the penis, the inner foreskin, and, most commonly, at the border of the lips. These sebaceous glands are not associated with hair follicles.

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It is important to note that having a risk factor does not mean that one will get the condition. A risk factor increases ones chances of getting a condition compared to an individual without the risk factors. Some risk factors are more important than others. Also, not having a risk factor does not mean that an individual will not get the condition.

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Back to Men's health. If you're worried, see your GP or visit a local sexual health clinic. These are small flesh-coloured lumps normally found on the head of the penis.

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Addicted: Free sebaceous glands on the penis can be a real scare. Is that dangerous? Free sebaceous glands are called Fordyce-glands in the technical language and occur not only at the penis, but also in the mucous membranes of the mouth, at the scrotum, at the lips and at the vulva.

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Fordyce spots, or sebaceous granules, are a non-STI dermatological condition characterized by clusters of small 1 to 3 mm elevated bumps or spots on various parts of the body. Fordyce spots are a variation of sebaceous glands, which are normally responsible for lubricating the skin and hair follicles. Fordyce spots are often misdiagnosed as pearly penile papulesanother non-STI dermatological condition.

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Finding bumps on the head of your penis can be alarming, but most of the time bumps in this area are not serious. Tyson glands are tiny sebaceous glands that form on either side of the frenulum, which is the fold of connective tissue under the penis. They appear as small yellow or white bumps under the penis head.

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