Clitoris irritation

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Sore, itchy, or lumpy clitoris? Most clitoral concerns are not serious, but if something feels amiss it can still be alarming, especially given the lack of information available about this vital organ. The clitoris forms part of the female genitals at the anterior end of the vulva, and every woman's clitoris is different.

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Before you start to worry that you might have an STI, first check if your symptoms could be caused by one of these six common conditions. You should still see a nurse or doctor, but it could give you some peace of mind in the meantime! Thrush is a yeast infection that can affect both males and females.

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You may routinely pamper your face and work hard to keep it moisturized and irritation-free, but what have you done lately for the more sensitive skin of your vulva, the external genital area surrounding your vagina? Many women have been primed to think no further than "itch equals yeast infection. These conditions aren't getting the medical attention they need — and women aren't getting the relief they deserve.

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Vulvodynia is a puzzling syndrome in which women feel chronic pain in the vulva, which consists of the external genitals including the clitoris, the pubic mound, and the labia. Women with the condition describe the pain as a burning, itching, rawness, or stinging, particularly during urination. This vulvar discomfort ranges from annoying to unbearable, and can be continuous or set off by touch.

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Fact: Vaginas are great. They can birth babiesclean themselves, and they actually house around five inches of your clitoris. Another fact: Vulvas are also wonderful.

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Irritation usually refers to pain, itching, or swelling in the vaginal area. It can affect any part of your vulva, including your labiaclitorisurethra, and vaginal opening. Folliculitis occurs when one or more hair follicles are inflamed or infected.

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Skip to content. It's a sharp pain that happens with the lightest touch, crossing my legs, or from wearing tight pants. I've never had this before and i'm wondering what it is.

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Having a vulva and vagina can be pretty superb. Depending on how your specific parts work, they may offer the potential to have plentiful orgasms, give birth to cute, chunky babies, and do so many other delightful things. But having a vulva and vagina can come with downsides, too, like a swollen vulva intense enough to earn you the nickname Michelin Mons or a swollen vagina that throws you for a loop.

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The clitoris has just one purpose, and that is pleasure. So experiencing frequent clitoral pain officially called clitorodynia can be confusing and disheartening. As with other vulva pain officially called vulvodyniaa sore clit is incredibly common. The clitoris is more than just a little bump a couple inches above the vagina—that part is just the head glans.


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