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A disabled woman parked in a handicapped spot outside a Tullytown, Pa. Stacie Friend, 43, told NBC10 that she displayed her handicapped placard in her car before entering the store with her daughter. She has already undergone brain surgery and will receive a second brain surgery next month.

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How can you make a Badass character even more badass? Easy; make him lose an eyeor have her get paralyzed from the waist down, or give them some disease from which there is no cure. Finally, do not use the Reset Button to remove it.

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The Paralympics are coming to Rio de Janeiro this year from Septemberand you better be prepared to see some badass disabled female athletes taking the stage. They might not get the same attention as able-bodied athletes though I do not understand whybut they definitely deserve your attention, because their stories are often as massively impressive as their achievements. In our brief selection here, we have a war hero, an former taekwondo champ turned wheelchair archery champ, and a blind sprinter who can keep up with Usain Bolt.

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Recently a friend asked me how my love life was going and I drew a blank. Love life? What love life?

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The Track Chair Ripchair 3. It is a serious adaptive off-road vehicle for wheelchair users with options that can do a wide variety of work tasks. The Ripchair 3.

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How can you possibly make an undeniably Badass character even more badass? Easy; make him lose an eyeor have her get paralyzed from the waist down, or give them some disease from which there is no cure. In Real Lifewe know how hard it is to accomplish Badass feats in perfect health and condition, so of course anybody that does it with a handicap instantly earns our respect.

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Fancy a shot of optimism and boost to your confidence?! We hear from Disability Horizons Co-founder Martyn Sibley about how to be an awesome disabled person in our modern society. Be sure to share your ideas too in the comments section below and on social media DHorizons.

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On the way home today, I have this giant H2 douchenozzle riding my ass the last five minutes of my trip home. After a minute, I realize that it's the very same Hummer asshole that lives in my apartment complex. When we pull into the parking lot, I see that the first spot next to the handicapped hash marked spot is open.

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In our previous postwe learned the life-or-death consequences of inaccurate representation of disabled people in teh media. But first — the most important books you need for your bookshelf — stories that normalize disabled characters and includes us in everyday narratives. For more on normalizing targeted identities, check out the Uhura Testfeaturing guidelines on normalizing girls of color in kidlit.

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But why should being superhuman mean that you have to be able-bodied? Take a look and see if your favorite hero made the list! As you may already know and if not, where have you been hiding?!


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