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Warning: This gallery contains sexual content and descriptions not suited for children. Vibrators have always vibrated, but technology is taking today's sex toys a lot further. We're talking 3D-printed robot masturbation aids, interactive Kegel exercisers and more racy gadgets.

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When it comes to the top-rated sex toys on Amazonmost of them are pretty standard. The bestsellers page is filled with phallic vibrators and Rabbit imitators, and while they definitely get the job done, these ones are dime a dozen. Every once in a while, though, you'll stumble onto a weird one — something bizarre that might not first choice for everybody's underwear drawer, but according to reviewers, it totally should be.

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Nigeria's youngest senator has been caught on camera physically assaulting a woman at an adult toy shop in Abuja. Elisha Abbo, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, descended on the woman after she pleaded with him not to physically assault the shopowner whom the senator had accused of insulting him. He said the shopowner called him a drunk.

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From skydiving to white-water rafting, most people use GoPro cameras to capture adrenaline-inducing activities. The sex toy syncs up to an accompanying appwhere you can store and view your videos. By Shivali Best.

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The uniquely horribly named Svakom Siime Eye is an Internet of Things sex-toy with a wireless camera that allows you to stream video of the insides of your orifices as they are penetrated by it; researchers at the UK's Pen Test Partners discovered that once you login to it via the wifi network default password ""you can root it and control it from anywhere in the world. Pen Test Partners repeatedly warned Svakom of the vulnerability over a period of three months. Having received no reply to date, they've gone public.

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GoPros are all the rage, right? It sounds great or, at the very least, intriguing and a little weird and a Chinese company is making the concept a reality. Then they can get better acquainted with themselves.

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The Siime Eye vibrator has a built-in torch and endoscope camera, allowing the user to "record and share" their experiences with a partner. Security researchers have managed to hack their way into yet another sex toy - and this one has a camera embedded in the tip. It has a built-in torch and endoscope camera, allowing the user to "know the subtle changes inside of your private areas" and "record and share the wonderful sex adventure to your partner via pictures or video".

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The Siime Eye, an internet-connected sex toy, allows women to film their most intimate moments. Tech security experts claimed that it's possible to hack into the sex toy and peer through the camera fitted inside its tip. The Siime Eye features a built-in micro camera and a "hidden searchlight" to light up women's private parts. Svakom, the firm that makes the gadget, said it would help ladies take note of the "subtle changes inside of your private areas".

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If there is a quality problem during this period, you can claim and receive a free replacement. Noted that our warranty range includes the problems caused by material flaws, manufacturing flaws, and the parts that influences the normal functioning. Damages caused by improper operation, overused abrasion and disassembling the product are excluded from our warranty range.

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By Cheyenne Macdonald For Dailymail. The weakness discovered by UK security firm Pen Test Partners means someone within WiFi range could easily guess the password to instantly access the stream — or, with a little more work, connect to it remotely and geo-locate Siime Eye users. Paired with the associated iPhone or Android app, users can save this footage to a device.


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