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We talked to her last week about the challenges she faces both as a lesbian mom and the face of the LGBT parenting movement. What made you decide to start your website? Most LGBT sites were mostly focused on younger, single people at the time, so I thought there was a need for something that sat at the intersection of gay sites and parenting sites, and was both practical and fun.

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Being a mother is literally the hardest job I have ever had to do. Add being a lesbian mother who was married to a man and had children with him prior to coming out on top of that, and you have the makings of a decent Lifetime movie. Up until the last couple of years, my children attended Catholic School because the public school in our area at the time was basically destitute and did not even have books for the kids to study from.

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It's no secret that children need loving parents, but for decades, same-sex couples raising families have faced opposition from those who claim that growing up with two moms or two fathers might be bad for kids. It's unfortunate that this fight still needs to be fought, but research may be the key to helping everyone understand that having loving parents is more important for a child's development than who those parents love. Studies confirm kids raised in lesbian and gay families grow up to be just fine, and basically the same as people who were raise in heteronormative households.

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You may think your question is innocent enough, but here's why these inquiries are insensitive toward gay parents. When my partner and I started telling our friends and families that we were going to have a baby, everyone was happy and excited for us. We were the only same-sex couple in our extended family and in our immediate circle of friends, as is often the case with gay people, so everyone had a lot of questions. Although people asked really insightful and thoughtful questions about our future family, we also heard some that left us scratching our heads.

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Kelly Higson is bringing up her year-old son and her nine-year-old daughter with her female partner. My children have different fathers, and they have a small amount of contact with them, but basically they're being raised by me and my partner - there's not been a man on the scene for a long time. My mother was a very strong woman and she split up from my father when I was eight.

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A few months ago, social scientist W. Since much of the criticism of same-sex marriage and adoption rights focus on the idea that children need a father to thrive, the latest installment of the column, an article which focuses on the confidence and independence gained in a female-headed household, is relevant to our interests. Pamela Gwyn Kripke writes that her daughters, having grown up watching her accomplish everything from saving money to fixing the sink on her own, know that they are capable of doing difficult things regardless of gender.

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In the spring of my single mother started having sleepovers. I noticed because I was seven and we shared a bedroom in our small rented apartment, so I could see a new person sleeping in the bottom bunk. Her name was Carol [1] and she taught fifth grade in a nearby rural Arkansas town.

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I am dating a woman who single a 11 year old who is an asshole but we talk to him from got him straight on respecting adults I want to know if I am wrong if I leave her because she doesn't want to have a child with me but wants me single take care of child with someone else Should I leave and find a woman that loves me and wants to have a from with me? My thing is I got with my wife when I was 18 and from was 28 and the time we'll long story short she has two kids whom I've grown to love like my own and we are actually tips with the kids dad and other step mom well that makes me the tips step mom and we were at the hospital when the kids step mom had her baby. I'm going through deep drepression being a childless step mom I'm wanting one of my own but really hard more info a dating relationship just looking for support single needing advice.

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Navigating through the process of dating and creating healthy relationships can be difficult, especially when you're a lesbian. The purpose of my blog is to help other lesbians, both single and partnered, to find some insight and inspiration through articles, stories, advice, news, politics, and humor, all relating to, in one way or another, the world of lesbian dating and relationships. Blog Listings.

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Growing up with a gay mom will have consequences — some good, some bad. Subsequently, these kids watch men and woman go in and out of their parents lives like a revolving door. This is not an article about the negative effects a sexually active parent might have on their children. I applaud your superhuman ability to juggle, PTA meetings, careers, cross-fit hulk-out sessions, and the occasional rendezvous with the flavor of the week.


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