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For hundreds of thousands of years our species peed freely, wheneverwherever. Honestly, how many times have you been looking for parking and circling the lot, waiting for a movie to wrap up the plot, or just fumbling with keys so you can race to the pot? Congrats to Laura J.

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How much do you go at a time? For most of us, urinating is probably at inconvenience at best. But being aware of your body — even how it eliminates waste — can be an important way to monitor your health now and protect it in future.

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For a recent example, see how NASA was forced to cancel an all-women spacewalk due to a lack of suits in a suitable size. However, the US stopped the program and refused to include them in excursions to space. It's true that astronauts did keep selecting the wrong sized sheath in some kind of bizarre and misguided attempt to impress ground control. Finally, when American women began going into space, NASA had to develop a way for them to pee in space.

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Works like a charm. This is the only way to pee if you need to go when conditions are less than favorarable. So glad I do now.

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A urinary tract infection UTI is defined as an infection of the urinary system organs including ureters, bladder, kidneys, and urethra. Females are usually at higher risk of developing urinary tract infection than men. One of the strongest symptoms of UTI in women is a strong, persistent urge to urinate.

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Pee can be a window to your overall health. It provides vital information about your kidney and heart health, and your liver function. And the amount of bathroom trips you take can also signal health issues: Infrequent urination could indicate dehydration or even a kidney problem.

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Gotta go? Don't hold it in. Waiting too long before finding a bathroom may not be the best idea. So, when you hold in your pee too longinstead of just taking a break and finding a toilet ASAP, you are setting yourself up for the potential risk of a slew of unfortunate symptoms.

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House soiling is a frustrating issue that all too often results in owners rehoming or surrendering their dogs. Before you give up on your pup, realize this is a common problem with many possible solutions. Below are six of the most common reasons dogs have urinary accidents and what you can do to help.

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Or maybe you're worried about being able to squat while out and about. Your knees feel fine when hiking, but not when bending at 90 degrees or more. Believe it or not, urinating in a bottle is your best solution, regardless of the situation.


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