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Perhaps you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps you were committing a victimless crime, or maybe you were even planning on doing something that could land you a fine or a prison sentence. Whatever the case, you were picked up by the authorities, surrounded by criminals both hardened and petty. Caught between traitors and thieves, you sit as they take you to the location you believe to be your processing—however, it turns far darker.

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ScreamPaste Battle of the hair cuts. D: Phanteros samus. Sammy FTW! D: Poor Mario bros, missing out on Samus.

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Basically g2a and other key re-sellers using that business model buy game keys with stolen credit cards, the card companies then make the developers of the games which have been bought pay the chargeback, which would be fine except g2a gets to keep the game key AND SELL IT. So it costs the game developers the full price of the game while the re-sellers get to sell a key they got for free, for profit. The developer for Subnautica has said that he would prefer players to pirate the game over buying from g2a because it costs them so much money.

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And I would love to hear a comment from either Wu or McGrody since it took me quite a while to write that article. I should point out that I agree with Wu about the following: 1. I have also reached out to Nintendo about this, and some of the Metroid devs.

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Tags: championdivanxtwrestlingwwe. The large villain turned hero from the classic cartoon "Jackie Chan Adventures". His heart is as big as his stomach.

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Load More Archive Announcements Forum. Brianna Wu decides that Samus is trans, plays professional victim. View Source Report Please enter a reason for reporting this post:.

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Batman had better watch out. What they don't show you is Superman killing Jimmy quickly to "put him out of his misery". I bet Spider-man could kick Wolverine's ass though!

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Post a Comment. Wednesday, February 24, Samus Aran: Transgender? I debated on whether to put this here or on my Entertainment blogbut I think it goes here.


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