Sizing vintage clothing

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Always base your buys on your measurements. It's because sizes in vintage clothing are different than modern sizes. For example, size 10 in a vintage dress might fit a size 0 or 2 today.

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Cart Empty. Shirts- most important is to measure your chest. Then shoulders, sleeves, and length.

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Vintage sizing can be so darn confusing! When I started dress shopping at thrift shops in high school I learned very quickly never to trust the sizes on the tag! At the time I didn't know what the differences were between vintage and modern sizing I just knew that I was always wearing a larger size on tag than it would be if I bought it at the mall.

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We carry a fabulous array of retro-inspired frocks from an assortment of designers and all with their own sizing chart. We want you to find the perfect fit, so we put together this nifty little guide to help you be your most fabulous self! In a mirror, check that tape is perfectly horizontal and does not droop in any area. Place end of tape at widest part of hip for some, the widest part is where your hips stick out and for others it where your booty sticks out.

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Marilyn Monroe was NOT a size She was a size 8. Let me clarify, by s sizing Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, which would be a size 8 in modern ready β€”to-wear sizing.

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A few weeks ago, one of the Sammy Davis Vintage facebook fans made a special request: How does a plus-size girl wear vintage? I loved her question β€” reprinted below β€” because it inspired me to remember that vintage is fashion for everyone, and that Sammy Davis Vintage strives to make vintage fashion accessible to the contemporary girl β€” no matter her size or style! Hope you are well!

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Great blog Jessica! People shouldnt squeeze themselves in clothes which or too small. A good fit is much more flattering and make look slimmer.

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As vintage sizing varies so much, not only from decade to decade, but also country to country and manufacturer to manufacturers, sellers should always state the bust size the most difficult area to get a good fit. Individuals need to be fully aware of their size measurements by measuring themselves with a firm tape measure and by measuring clothes they already wear with comfort or close fit. Measuring yourself is the best way to get a proper fit and can save hours of frustration lusting after a garment you take a fancy to, but which would split if it looked at your thigh or upper arm!

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One of the most important things to remember is never buy a vintage sewing pattern according to it's size number. Modern sizing and vintage sizing are two very different things. When buying a vintage pattern don't buy based on the size printed on the envelope

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Shoppers know well the frustration that comes with vintage sizes: those innocuous little numbers or letters you find on labels that vary from meaningless to distressing and are generally no help in determining whether something will fit you. Companies that offered mail order introduced standardised sizing quite early and their catalogue charts are helpful guides. This one is from The Mutual Store:.


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