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Back to Pregnancy and child. The news comes from the results of a US study that included a sample of more than 8, Californian adults. Researchers asked simple questions about people's current mental health, and asked if they'd ever been smacked as a child or experienced other forms of physical or emotional abuse.

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Section 58 of the Children Act defends adults, unless the child is left with an injury, in which case they could be charged with common assault. It was the first part of the UK to take this step. But should the rest of the union follow?

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Please refresh the page and retry. T oday is expected to be a momentous day for the rights of children living in the UK. That is, for those living north of the border.

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By Daily Mail Reporter. Adults who were hit or smacked as children face higher odds of mental health problems, including mood and anxiety disorders and problems with alcohol and drug abuse, researchers say. The study is the first to examine the link between psychological problems and spanking while excluding more severe abuse in order to better gauge the effect of corporal punishment alone.

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A report from Canada on the debate about corporal punishment. And the story of a Canadian student who was charged with assault after his water-filled balloon accidentally hit a teacher. The candy was a gift; the balloon was a prank.

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WHILE some Brits will have been smacked by their parents as a child - and think it is OK - many see it as an unnecessary and harmful punishment. Here we tell you everything you need to know about smacking kids, and whether or not it's allowed by law It is illegal for a parent or carer to smack their own child, except where it amounts to "reasonable punishment", according to section 58 of the Children Act

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Back to Cancer. These reports exaggerate a piece of research that has significant limitations. The news is based on a study that asked a sample of Saudi Arabian adults with cancer, asthma or heart disease how frequently they had been physically punished or verbally insulted as a child referred to in the papers as smacking and shouting.

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Some people go to extraordinary lengths to justify hitting children. Adults in the Bright family believe the right to smack is essential to good parenting, as they openly told viewers of BBC's documentary A Good Smack? They hit their children in private, and usually follow up with a nice hug, probably to show there are no hard feelings. No hard feelings?

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In every part of the UK, smacking a child is still legal, as long as it is justified or reasonable. However, that will soon change in Scotland, as the Scottish Government has confirmed that they will make sure the ban becomes law. The United Nations has said for years that smacking children is wrong, and the UK is one of the few places in Europe where it is still allowed.

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A third of adults think slapping children as young as six years old is a low-risk form of punishment, with almost half of older people believing parents can hit children with no fear of them causing harm or distress. The Children's Society is now calling on the government to make it illegal to strike children with an open hand. The UK is one of five EU countries currently resisting an all-out ban on slapping, a stance that has led to criticism from human rights groups on the grounds that it is contravening article 19 of the UN convention of the rights of the child. Among older adults, however, there was a hardening of views.


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