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We'd be fooling ourselves if we didn't think teenagers wanted to see sex. And in creating the taboo, we create frenzy around it. It was as if somebody suddenly said it's O.

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Most of us know about that infamous "rose petal" scene from American Beautybut we may not be aware of how imagery affects us in our day-to-day life. In the film, Kevin Spacey is a middle-aged man, the practical personification of a mid-life crisis. While attending a basketball game, he starts to fantasize about his daughter's best friend, played by Mena Suvari, as if she were lying naked in a field of rose petals.

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In this modern era, it's easy to assume that anything goes in cinema. And in many ways, we've come far since the censorship laws of the past. However, there are certain scenes from bygone films that leave us feeling uneasy.

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Kevin Spacey turns a mid-life crisis into an acclaimed meditation on suburbia, the American dream, and teenage cheerleader tits. American Beauty jabs at lousy bosses, extramarital affairs, recreational drug use, and homosexual Nazis. It also happens to feature three of the hottest women of the last two generations: Annette BeningThora Birchand Mena Suvari.

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Masturbation showering jacking off. Telling the story of a suburban husband and wife both dealing with a mid-life crisis in very different ways, American Beauty is a complex, dramatic and thought provoking movie that won 5 Oscars including Best Actor for Kevin Spacey and Best Picture. The movie has some red hot nudity in it including a scene where Wes Bentley video tapes Thora Birch while she lays on his bed.

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Once again, the camera zooms over the neighborhood while Lester speaks in voice-over. This time, he reminds the audience of "those posters that say 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life. On this morning, Lester leaves his house in running clothes and jogs briskly down the street.

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Directed by: Sam Mendes. One of the many things that make American Beauty a great movie is the character Lester Burnham, incredibly portrayed by Kevin Spacey; his numbness, his frustration at an existence which has become completely inane. He is really playing every aging suburban baby-boomer that has reached a point in life where nothing has turned out as expected.

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Jane and Angela are watching television when they hear Jane's parents return. Jane tries to go upstairs without being spotted, but Angela insists on saying hi to Jane's dad. Lester is getting something out of the fridge when Angela surprises him in the kitchen and starts to flirt with him.

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Once you found those movies, you had to come up with an excuse as to why you were watching them, in case you got caught. Prepare to be transported back to yesteryear while you read about all the movies kids watch to see nudity, especially in the pre-smart phone days. Relive the magic of those clandestine VHS viewings by reading about everything you watched to see some sneaky nudity.

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The film tackles themes of conformity, lust, love, bigotry, family and countless others, and offered us an voyeuristic view inside the life of drowning Lester Burnham, a man wallowing in self-pity and cemented in the monotony of his existence. While most of us have seen the Oscar-winning picture, there are a few things about the movie you may not know — from Thora Birch's underage nude scenes to Kevin Spacey's improvised monologues, here's 17 things to learn about the film, which turns 15 this week. Kristen Dunst said of turning down the role: "I was only 15 then and I didn't want to kiss Kevin Spacey or be seen lying naked in those rose petals. Due to 7th Heaven conflicts, Jessica Biel, who was originally cast as Janehad to drop out — leaving room for Thora Birch to take her place.


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