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Beware your friendly neighborhood mailman. Photo: Getty. Throughout history, our planet has witnessed a number of industrial booms: steel; iron; cars made on assembly lines.

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Chocolate is a food typically associated with pleasure and indulgence. It is a sugary foodhigh in fat and energy, which should be consumed in moderation. Many individuals consume chocolate as a treat or share chocolate at special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

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Rachel: Ross, don't forget to take a shot of Emma's cake. It's in a box in the fridge. Rachel: [to Monica] You're going to love this cake!

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Jamie FraterUpdated June 15, Okay — this sounds like a strange topic I am sure, but we all love food and we all love bizarre stuff. So here we have a list which nicely combines both. Maybe these cakes will give you some good ideas for your next big party.

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Each of our customers get a unique personalized design from our New York crew. At exotic bakery New York our decorator hand draws on each individual cake. We are also the leaders in the most exotic shaped cakes.

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Most restaurants say the customer's always right, but there are also those that say the customer is stupid and fat and ugly and should leave immediately. The phenomenon is so rare that these places develop cult followings of masochists who are not unlike the culinary equivalent of abused-but-still-loyal puppies who can't help but nuzzle against the legs of their despicably violent owners. Here're five such restaurants that wear their rudeness on their sleeves.

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This page is meant for Wikipedians to list articles about places with unusual names. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page contains material that is kept because it is considered humorous.

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Testimonials please email us your experiences to add to our long list of customers. James California, Hollywood — The best!!!!! I had a birthday party for a friend.

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Testimonials please email us your experiences to add to our long list of customers. The cake was delicious and although it was very x-rated, per my request, we were able to slice the remainder of the cake and serve it to family and friends the next day. We all got a good little chuckle out of secret as everyone LOVED the cake, but had no idea what it was before we cut it up.

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CALL Gingerbread Bakery Usa will confer with with you for your design's construct a custom gingerbread house project and assemble the custom made gingerbread house of your imagination, a great centerpiece for the holiday season. These custom ginger bread houses aren't your average gingerbread houses either, a immense amount of feature's goes into each assignment.


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