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The group carries out about half of French goat inseminations, in other words about 35, goats inseminated a year, i. With a team of 50 technicians specifically trained to work with goats, EVOLUTION carries out a daily reproduction service in the member goat herds: inseminations, ultrasound, advice or support and guidance to breeders…. The cooperative also participates in research undertaken on goat reproduction and helps with validating the protocols or tools in real herd conditions.

The semen characteristics of Sahel bucks was investigated over a one year period to determine the influence of season on the ejaculate mass activity, motility, sperm concentration, percent live spermatozoa. These variables were significantly higher in the dry season than in the rainy season. Total spermatozoa per ejaculate averaged 4.

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Sound breeding policies are central to the success of any goat enterprise. Goats of good conformation will be productive over a long lifetime, resulting in lower replacement costs. It is of course essential to monitor the performance of individuals within any herd and ensure that only the best females are chosen to keep female offspring from as herd replacements.

It has lost none of its hardiness and has kept strong-boned, well-balanced feet and legs. They are short-haired, and generally tan-shaded brown-colored with black feet and a roach of black hair along the spinealthough Alpines can demonstrate many shadings and color combinations. The Alpine has a large udder, well-attached at both fore and rear, gifted with soft fine skin that draws back well after milking.

We also offer a selection of Limited Quantities - Rare - Hard-to-find - Out-of-circulation semen in very limited quantities. You can browse all of these listings now through our online Buck Semen Catalog of A. Caprine Sires.

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Original study 05 Dec This study compared the effects of natural mating and artificial insemination using frozen buck semen on reproductive performance in Alpine goats. Kids' live weight at birth was similar 3.

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Vianney M. Salmon, Pierre Leclerc, Janice L. The success of semen cryopreservation depends on sperm membrane integrity and function after thawing.

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Share this article on [Facebook] [LinkedIn]. Article history: Received:Accepted:Published online: Aim: This study quantified the effects of season and photoperiodic treatment on semen and seminal plasma SP characteristics in 12 bucks of two Spanish goat breeds Murciano-Granadina, and Payoya for the past 1 year.

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