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Enu had grown up in an area where child-rearing was extremely repressive, and where children were heavily burdened by obligations and by feelings of guilt. By the time he was 5 years old, Enu decided that he had had enough of that lifestyle. He left his parents and most of his relatives and moved to another tribe and village, where he had relatives willing to take care of him.

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By Tom Goodenough. Courting rituals between lovestruck youngsters differ greatly from country to country. In some places around the world, sex before marriage is considered a great taboo and the prospect of a teenage girl spending the night with her boyfriend remains highly unlikely.

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NCBI Bookshelf. This paper presents a theory of evolution of the human life course. Compared to other primates and mammals, there are at least three distinctive characteristics of human life histories: 1 an exceptionally long life span, 2 an extended period of juvenile dependence, and 3 support of reproduction by older postreproductive individuals. Because most hominid evolution occurred in the context of a hunting and gathering life style and because all well-studied hunting and gathering groups exhibit those three characteristics, the theory considers the aspects of the traditional human way of life that might account for their evolution.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids. Children learn to regulate their behaviors by developing an emotional 'clutch,' located in the prefrontal cortex, that can turn the accelerator off when the brakes are applied and redirect their interest in more acceptable directions

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Scholars use diverse terms and spellings to designate the Mosuo culture. Most prefer 'Mosuo' some spell it 'Moso', while a minority use neither term, but refer to them as the Na people. The Mosuo people are known as the 'Kingdom of Women' because the Na are a matrilineal society: heterosexual activity occurs only by mutual consent and mostly through the custom of the secret nocturnal 'visit'; [2] men and women are free to have multiple partners, [2] and to initiate or break off relationships when they please.

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Deep in the Ratanakiri region there is a tribe called Kreung. The Kreung people get up with the sun every day and work in their crops harvesting rice and vegetables off in the jungle. Electricity and running water are not common. While in most other areas in Cambodia it is traditionally frowned upon for women to smoke or drink, the Kreung girls take part just like the boys.

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