Teen titans christmas carol

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Post a Comment. Search This Blog. Cardy does some of his best art on the book in this story, which is hugely based on Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

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It was Christmas time again, and everyone was in the Christmas sprite and mood. Well almost everyone. The one person who did not think highly of Christmas was good old Mr.

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Comic books, collectibles and conversation can be found at the best pop culture store in Michigan! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, to all my family, friends and fans! And as you can see by the fine cover, drawn by artist Nick Cardythis comic is Christmas themed.

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No recent wiki edits to this page. After Tiny Tom Ratchet discovers that his father's employer, Mr. Scrounge, is letting criminals use the junkyard for illicit activity, he contacts the Teen Titans-who, noting the situation's parallels to Dickens' classic tale, haunt Scrounge as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Called out for being a "square", Robin swaps out the book for a Batman comic book.

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The Titans stood their ground at the threat before them, they knew if they made one wrong move they would lose their dear friend who was at the mercy of Slade. It is the Eve of Christmas, a time to be with loved ones and do the relaxing. Robin jumped in the air to kick Slade away from Starfire, but Slade was expecting this and grabbed out a needle with a mysterious liquid in it.

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For this Christmas story we meet Ebenezer Scrounge, who runs a junkyard where he employees and abuses Bob Ratchet. Tom slips away to Teen Titans Headquarters and enlists their help. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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He noted once that Kenny G, renowned impresario of bland, generic, toothless saxophone recordings, had come out with a CD of Yuletide tunes, just in time for the holidays. Baby Jesus, you know the drill. But with Ebenezer Scrounge.

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Following the Summer of Love counter culture was becoming mainstream and everyone was jumping on the band wagon. Though watered down, Teen Titans 13 attempts to capture the flavor as Mod became part of the English language. Writer Bob Haney beat readers over their collective heads with the vernacular as Robin, Auqalad, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash flung slang throughout the issue.

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While the other members of the group are satisfied reading comic book adventures of their older counterparts, Robin is reading Charles Dickens classic book "A Christmas C. It's a few days before Christmas and the Teen Titans are relaxing in their headquarters. While the other members of the group are satisfied reading comic book adventures of their older counterparts, Robin is reading Charles Dickens classic book "A Christmas Carol" completely unaware that their next adventure would have similar parallels to the story itself.


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