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On my first night in Bangkok, I immediately joined a hostel crew and ventured to Patpong Road hoping for a fun adventure. With beers in hand, we perused the cheap trinkets and clothes for a while before stepping into the seedy nightlife scene. A well-timed plume of smoke passed us like a curtain being drawn back as we turned the corner towards the more unsavory parts of Patpong Road.

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Before, reading this post I want to make a note. I wrote this about 5 years ago, and my thoughts on seeing a ping pong show have changed quite a lot. At the time I went, it was in my head no different than seeing a stripper in Vegas just something you do as a tourist.

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I was horriblyhorribly naive about the realities of prostitution in Thailand, and am only sharing my experience in the hopes that what I learned from it will help educate others on the subject and keep them from making the same mistake that I did when I was in Bangkok. So that first night, after an amazing introductory dinner of Pad Thai and green vegetable curry, my friends and I headed over to Soi Cowboy, one of these such streets. There were old white men walking down the street with young Asian women on their arms, women throwing themselves at tourists as they walked by, and bar patrons coupled up with prostitutes at every table down the block.

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Experts warn that the industry has been so tolerated that it is today deeply entrenched, and efforts at regulation should be attempted in lieu of total shutdown. Sudden restrictions, they claim, will likely move the industry underground, increasing risks like disease, fraud, and exploitation among both workers and patrons alike and could encourage human trafficking. The Ayutthaya Kingdom thrived across Siam from — and at the time was the largest and wealthiest trading centre in the East.

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I mean, it's famous; and famous for sex, no less. We love sex. And though we were aware of the all-too-seedy underbelly, we were assured by more than a few people that the current version of Patpong was a watered down from its nefarious predecessor.

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Random American tourist: Hey, I thought this was supposed to be a live sex show also. Me: It was. I think I was it.

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Bangkok, Thailand -Sex Show. We were hanging out on Khoa San Road in Bangkok, Thailand when a dirty tuk-tuk taxi driver approached us about attending a ping-pong show. We jumped into his tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled motorbike with a covered bench seat on the back, and headed to a shady area of Bangkok.

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Patong, Thailand is where I found myself after six weeks of intense travelling across Asia. And oh, how unlike anything else it was. Walking up to the main strip, little pop-up stalls are emblazoned with fluoro knitted bracelets. At first, they look enticing.

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A ping pong show is a form of stage entertainment that takes place in strip clubs. It is a type of sex show in which women use their pelvic muscles to either hold, eject, or blow objects from their vaginal cavity. Ping pong balls are the most iconic objects used.

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Well, my buddy Mike and I made it to Phuket, Thailand. It was evening when we arrived and decided to voyage out into the street to see some of the life. We were walking along the crowded street, having fun drinking beer and looking at the ridiculous amount of hookers dancing on outdoor tables in the nightlife center of the island. We had been approached about this a couple of times before and finally it was the right night for us.


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