Where to keep condoms

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This puts you and your partner at risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs or unwanted pregnancy. Read on to learn more about why they expire, how to determine whether a condom is safe to use, how to store them properly, and more. Condoms expire just like many other medical products.

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He always has one handy, just in case. The condom in the wallet may be out of date, as it was first placed there in a teenage moment of optimism. A man will never be without a rubber, so the story goes.

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When it comes to hooking upI'm not shy about the fact that I use condoms. But just because I'm into safe sex doesn't mean I want everyone who visits my pad to see a bowl of rubbers displayed like candy in a dish by my bedside. That being said, I do like to have my condoms in a convenient spot when I need them.

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Keeping your condoms stashed out of sight is a good idea, as long as you do it properly: did you know that storing them incorrectly can cause them to deteriorate and possibly even break during sex? Always keep condoms in a cool, dry place — not too hot, not too cold — in their original wrapper, and away from sunlight. Remember that condoms have an expiration date too, so never use one that has expired. Old condoms can be dry or brittle, which can lead to tearing during sex.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex School. Sophie Saint Thomas.

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The rest of them put it on after some genital contact or took it off before they finished. This is a big problem, because any skin-to-skin genital contact can lead to STIs. So put it on right at the beginning, and keep it on until you're finished.

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If your birth control isn't surgical — as in, you don't have an IUD or an implant that prevents pregnancy, and you haven't had a birth control shot — then you're going to have some equipment to store. Unfortunately, though, when people are handing out condoms or prescribing the Pillthey rarely specify that you need to store them correctly, which can be a massive problem. Keeping birth control in the wrong conditions can reduce its efficacy and increase the risk of bacterial nasties in your intimate parts.

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It's time we got real about condoms. When it comes to condomschances are pretty good that you think you know everything there is know on the matter. Like, you've been learning about safe sex since eighth grade health class. You're good.

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Those who understand the importance of wearing protection as a form of STD prevention will likely have condoms on hand at all times. The most important part of proper condom care is making sure that they are not out of date. All condoms have expiration dates on them, and if that deadline has passed, it is not safe to use the condom for pregnancy prevention or to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

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Imagine yourself on a date. There you both are, staring at the condoms. What would you think?


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