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Another Gay Movie is a gay romantic comedy film released in Directed by Todd Stephens, it revolves around gay friends named Andy, Jarod, Nico, and Griff as they try to have sex for the first time before their friend's Labor Day party at the end of the summer. All four friends ruin every attempt they have to lose their virginity, but they are successful the night of the party.

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WilsonStephanie McVay Mrs. Hunterand Andersen Gabrych. It was released in seven theaters and ran for 10 weeks before going to DVD.

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Regent Releasing, This Is Progress? Klemm Reprinted from OutcomeJanuary, African American and Queer films share amazing similarities.

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Parodies of movies are always hit and miss, and sometimes they can be both hit and miss depending on how many references they try to cram in. The problem with many of these movies is that they are so concerned with making fun of other movies that they lose sight of the fact that there needs to be a plot. That is why the recent Scary Movie movies are worthless.

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Get ready for something completely different. Another Gay Movie is a vulgar, campy gay teen comedy released in The best way to describe this film would be the queer version of American Pieon steroids.

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If you are looking for a true Magic Mike, look no further than Michael Carbonaro. The hit show has just been renewed on TruTV for a third season, plus two original specials, all to air in Carbonaro is also on the next leg of his nationwide tour that brings him to The Mahaffey Theater in St.

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Nico Jonah Blechman could easily pass for a young Martin Short, suited up with a hot Barbie wardrobe, sporting a cobalt blue cellophane jumpsuit and other amazing accessories. The lengths these guys go through to get laid hits on so many gay scenarios, just as Stephens planned, from the gay club where Griff uses an inflatable bun enhancer to bring attention to his on-bar dancing moves, to going online looking for love actually, most people are doing that these days. Nico ends up meeting Richard Hatch who plays himself at a naked book signing. Taking a bit from the Dumb and Dumber bathroom scene, poor Nico goes overboard on making sure he was ready to loose his virginity to Hatch, and suffers terribly after giving himself three enemas.

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It wasn't simply a Scary Movie-style spoof of straight films like American Pie but a gleefully crass repudiation of every earnest coming-out film ever made--including one written by its director, Todd Stephens: Edge of Seventeen. Though the film was not without flaws, it succeeded as satire; in fact, it was so over the idea of the coming-out movie that it began with virtually all its characters already out with the exception of the flamboyant flamer. Another Gay Movie's characters weren't sexless eunuchs but sex-obsessed teenagers, and every stereotype of gay life was fair game.

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A queer spin on popular teen sex comedy films, Another Gay Movie is tasteless, disgusting, and offensive, easily one of my favorite raunchy comedies of the last ten years. Following the post-graduation summer of four high school buddies, Andy Michael Carbonarothe awkward sex-crazed kid, Jarod Jonathan Chasethe insecure jock, Griff Mitch Morristhe nerd, and Nico Jonah Blechmanthe ultra-flamboyant queen, the boys are on a mission to get laid before summer ends. What follows is a series of hijinks and misadventures as good as any screwball sex comedy film. There are weird dreams, hookups that go completely sideways, failures of sexual equipment, both mechanical and biological, and some interesting incidents involving rodents and quiche.


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